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Welcome to the Tribute Guild site!

Tribute has been dismissed until further notice.


Merge with StaraGwardia

ECQU, Dec 1, 10 12:36 PM.
Tribute has merged with StaraGwardia guild for unknown period of time.
This is due to HolyPain's inactivity. However Tribute will be resurrected when time is right.
Please note that guild was cleared (All members kicked). So if you wish to join us in SG please mail us in-game (HolyPain, ECQU, poliepapie)

Also, Tribute has reached level 4 just before merge:)

Level 3 and ally

ElendilSUN, Jun 23, 10 9:32 PM.
We are now lvl 3 and we have allied ourselves with Brothers so if you have any questions to ask,you can always contact the ranked!

Rank 12!!

ElendilSUN, May 4, 10 5:49 AM.
I can proudly state that we ovetook Unikum guild, and now are ranked 12th best of the world! Next stop is rank 11, for which we have to overtake Rebels guild and we can overtake them but we need keep up with contributing guild ups.I hereby ask all of you to use your UP if you havent and go start farming some UP so we can be in the top 3 one day^^

Exp +200%

ElendilSUN, Apr 21, 10 7:15 PM.
Apparently we will have an entire week of +200% EXP, so for all of us its a a race to 100 and beyond ^^, please check the calendar for i have organized some EXP runs im not sure if ill be available all the time but at least we know what ppl can join and when!

Top 12!!

ElendilSUN, Apr 19, 10 7:19 PM.
Guys! We are offically in the top 12 guilds of the game, and 10 best of Klippe server!!
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